A free story in 66 words

Earlier this year I was published in a horror anthology called Twisted Tales in 66 words. Many people think this is very hard to do. Perhaps for some but I am actually quite liking the challenge. As a treat to you my readers here is a free 66 word story like what was found in Twisted Tales. I originally created this to be submitted for the next 66 word anthology but honestly I am not as happy with this one as I am with the other 5 I came up with, but I think it is still worthy of being read. I hope you all enjoy.

Medieval Warfare
by:Kevin Coryell

We’ve cut down a large tree and created wheels for it. Large round bales of hay have been covered in tar and stacked in the field. Beside them are large clay pots filled with sharp debris. Men clad in a hundred pounds of metal sit upon horses that stamp nervously at the ground. Archers ready their arrows, binding them in oily rags. Let the siege begin!


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