Help DraxisWeb win a new car

Hey there Draxis Web fans…. I know for the most pat things have been a bit quiet here lately.  The reasons are many but one of them is because we are getting ready to have our very first baby born into this generation of the DraxisWeb House Hold.  That’s right from the two awesome people that brought to you Draxis Magic, Draxis Insight Draxis review and several cool stories to Download on Kindle now we bring to you the world a bouncing baby boy!!!!.  Now we know that usually there are baby showers and such where people lavish you with presents and such…but all we ask really is for you, our followers if you are on facebook to follow the link I am about to provide and “like” our picture after saying yes to the app.  What this will do is bring Sarah and I one step closer to winning a new Honda Civic which would be a great help to us as her car is about to die and mine goes through 4 hours of driving a day.  So please if you can just take two seconds of your time to help us…well we’ll figure out some special treat to give you guys!



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