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Good day everyone.  I have exciting news for you all.  We have started a Kickstarter project for DraxisWeb Productions.  Our first ebook ‘Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas has done great but I think it could do a lot better if we had a physical copy complete with artwork.  We have a place to print it, we have an artist to do the artwork, all we need now is the money to pay for both.  So please follow the link below and help us out.

Help ‘Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas get a print form!


A free story in 66 words

Earlier this year I was published in a horror anthology called Twisted Tales in 66 words. Many people think this is very hard to do. Perhaps for some but I am actually quite liking the challenge. As a treat to you my readers here is a free 66 word story like what was found in Twisted Tales. I originally created this to be submitted for the next 66 word anthology but honestly I am not as happy with this one as I am with the other 5 I came up with, but I think it is still worthy of being read. I hope you all enjoy.

Medieval Warfare
by:Kevin Coryell

We’ve cut down a large tree and created wheels for it. Large round bales of hay have been covered in tar and stacked in the field. Beside them are large clay pots filled with sharp debris. Men clad in a hundred pounds of metal sit upon horses that stamp nervously at the ground. Archers ready their arrows, binding them in oily rags. Let the siege begin!

Ancient City Con 2011

Welcome to the first Blog for Draxis Review.  For our first Blog we will be reviewing the event known as Ancient City Con in a broad and general sense.  In later blogs, we will go into a bit more detail about some of the vendors and the panels that were presented at this year’s con.

This year was the fifth year of Ancient City Con’s existence and, as was the case for the past three years, I quite enjoyed almost all of what I saw.  I say almost because this year there were a few panels that while informative had a lot of information I did not quite agree with, but those will be spoken of in greater detail in another blog.

For those of you who are not familiar with Ancient City Con it is a multi genre event, normally held on the second weekend of July in Jacksonville.  Some of the genre’s involved are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Console Gaming, Cosplayers, Steam Punk, Furry’s and more.  You will find Authors, Artists and workshops based around all of this and a feature that was started last year was present again this year- musical acts!  In the past they have had special guests  such as the Jacksonville City Roller Girls, Sci-Fried, Consortium of Genius, Authors K.L. Nappier and D.A. Adams and Reaper Miniatures and many more.

This year it was a pleasure to once again see my friends from Adorable Foxie and Frozen Forge, T-shirt Bordello, MovieCrypt.com and the Florida division of the 501st.  It was also great to see my author friends Linda S. Cowden, Kevin A. Ranson, Henry Livingston, and T.S. Robinson.  Drunken Princess also made an appearance with her handmade items that you can find on Etsy and she was there with her artist boyfriend Peter Butcavage with a booth they called Nerdrage where they were selling off collectable figures.  I also got to meet a few new friends this year such as artist Stephie Stone who it seems I had been a fan of for many years without knowing it.  I also made a reconnection with an old co-worker friend of mine Kate Carleton who was there with her boyfriend promoting their comics that they make under the business name Naughty Bicycle.

This year was quite fun with the 501st there setting up both a booth to tell about who and what they are and a “shoot the trooper” booth where for a couple of bucks you could shoot a nerf gun at a storm trooper with the money going to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.  They also upped the ante with their musical shows by adding two more bands this year to bring it up to five bands.  As usual they had their hallway costume contest, cosplay contest, and miniature painting contest.  This year was the second year of Ancient City Con’s Fan Fiction contest, which I was the winner of last year; this year it was my talented girlfriend, Sarah Jo Lorenz, who won.  All of this was going on at the same time as various workshops and panels, open gaming sessions on various video game consoles, as well as a plethora of video game tournaments and various table top rpg’s from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40000 and even some LARP’s.

All in all it was a great time and as usual there was just way too much to do that I wish it lasted for 3 or 4 days instead of only two so I could do it all!  I was able to do just about everything I wanted to at the con, so be looking for a lot more blogs about the specific aspects and people of the convention.

Hello world!

Welcome to the first blog post for Draxis Web.  What is Draxis Web you might be asking?  Well, it is THE place to go to for reviews of everything and anything Florida.

We will be reviewing theme parks, state parks, local and mom and pop stores, the best restaurants, movies and plays, local Florida musicians and authors, and much much more!

  Featuring blogs and articles by Draxis Web members, as well as guest and special blog posts, this is one place you will want to book mark and come back to again and again and again!  Looking forward to hearing from all of you- so don’t be strangers and tell your friends about Drxis Web!