Help DraxisWeb win a new car

Hey there Draxis Web fans…. I know for the most pat things have been a bit quiet here lately.  The reasons are many but one of them is because we are getting ready to have our very first baby born into this generation of the DraxisWeb House Hold.  That’s right from the two awesome people that brought to you Draxis Magic, Draxis Insight Draxis review and several cool stories to Download on Kindle now we bring to you the world a bouncing baby boy!!!!.  Now we know that usually there are baby showers and such where people lavish you with presents and such…but all we ask really is for you, our followers if you are on facebook to follow the link I am about to provide and “like” our picture after saying yes to the app.  What this will do is bring Sarah and I one step closer to winning a new Honda Civic which would be a great help to us as her car is about to die and mine goes through 4 hours of driving a day.  So please if you can just take two seconds of your time to help us…well we’ll figure out some special treat to give you guys!


A teaser for the print version of “Zombie Attack Before Christmas” by Kevin Coryell

Here is some of the artwork for my new book “Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas”.  According to my artist she is looking to have things wrapped up around mid august.  Sorry it has been taking so long guys but between con’s, work and the general chaos of life itself sometimes things don’t stay on schedule.  However the artwork I have received so far is fabulous and awesome so here it is!

Open Submissions for 2 Anthologies from DraxisWeb Productions

Open Submissions Call for 2 Anthologies:

Why:  Over the past year I have been coming up with various stories based around certain themes and have come up with several for each theme.  My original plan was to explore various ways in which these themes could work and then write an Anthology or two of my own work on it.  I have come up with enough Ideas to write a 40k+ novel for each of these themes that are mentioned below but then I thought about it some and I came to the conclusion that: a) I have a ton of writer friends who might find these themes interesting and want to share their ideas also and b) I think an anthology of these types of stories would be a much better read if the stories were all told in different styles by different people c) I got my start in publishing in someone else’s Anthology so it’s my turn to open up some roads for indie/aspiring writers to try and get published the same way I had.

What We Offer:  As these two anthologies are the first we are trying to create here is what we offer

1)      Payment of ¼ cent per word for stories- standard rate for the size we are looking for and the anthology style of publication.

2)      Review of your story on the Promote Writers Blog (good review of course since you would be good enough to get into the book if accepted)

What We Need:

1)      Original stories from 7,000 to 10,000 words in length- Multiple submissions per author allowed and welcomed!

2)      Exclusive right to publish the story in both Ebook and Print format within the selected Anthology only for 1 year from first publishing date.  After that you can do whatever you want with your story for republishing. Even after the first year when you get the rights to print your story back, we at Draxis Web Productions still maintain the right to print further copies of the anthology that you story is in.

3)      Send submissions to:  with the Anthology name in the subject line along with your name, story name, and word count.

4)      Deadline is Oct 1st 2012

What Genre are we seeking:  This really doesn’t matter; we can have romance, horror, comedy, whatever you want to try as long as it fits the theme of the story.  In fact the more genres in the book the better as it will give something for everyone and will make sure there aren’t any similar stories coming through.

Theme 1- Patient Zero:
It seems in all the various Zombie stories out there, all you see is the Zombie Apocalypse has started, we are in such and such a place, and we have these survivors, we’re crossing the country with these survivors, we’re trapped in such and such a building with these survivors. It’s always about the survivors and if they ever touch upon the beginning of the Z-plague it always seems to be just a footnote. This doesn’t seem right at K.M. and myself have had many discussions about why this is the case and how much great story potential is lost in this missing information and back-story. Therefore, in this anthology, I want to explore the various ways that the Z-plague has started. Is it a normal disease that mutated and spread out of control and if so how and why? Was it an alien crafted thing that was released and if so why? Did it start on facebook and did it only affect those who posed with duckface in a pic and if so what mad scientist made that possible? This is what I want to see, the how and the why of the beginning of the Z-pocalypse!

Theme 2- Parasites! A new vein of vampiric tale:
Basically put, Vampires are everywhere now a days, from the sexy blood suckers of Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse, to the teenage angst in the House of Night series that is best described as Vampire world meets Harry Potter school. However, vampires can be so much more than this, they do not have to just suck blood, and they don’t have to have fangs. To me the basis of the vampire is a tale to frighten, a tale to warn of dangers, a tale that says no matter what you see or what you hear, no matter how wonderful it may be it IS dangerous! As for what the Vampire is…it simply is some form of a parasite and so I want to bring these two together again. The tales I want to see are of a non-typical vampire- a Succubus or Incubus, a thought sucking vampire, an energy leech, an emotion drainer. Even another bloodsucker just done differently than anything that’s out there today would work fine. What I want to see is a NEW twist to this old story, but one that brings back the roots of the tale, a warning to all of something too good to be true that can feed off of you in some way, something that can bring back the frights when something goes bump in the night. In this case, if it FEEDS off YOU then it is a vampire. I don’t care what it eats. Let’s show people that Vampires ARE scary, that vampires while able to be sexy will STILL rip your throat out (or your heart or mind) whenever they darn well please, and that vampires CAN and WILL feed off of more than just typical blood.

For both themes what is needed are good stories; they can be any genere.  What we care about is giving people a story to enjoy and presenting them with something new to think about- a new twist to an old tale. So think on it and let me know if you would be interested and then get to working on your own Z-Patient or Vampire tale. I cannot wait to see what the brilliant minds of my friends can come up with and see these stories in print. My partner in crime, K.M. and I, are already working on our own stories for these anthologies and we would be honored to have yours share a spot along with us in these upcoming books. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via any of our facebook pages or via email. Happy writing!

DraxisWeb Productions needs your help!

Good day everyone.  I have exciting news for you all.  We have started a Kickstarter project for DraxisWeb Productions.  Our first ebook ‘Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas has done great but I think it could do a lot better if we had a physical copy complete with artwork.  We have a place to print it, we have an artist to do the artwork, all we need now is the money to pay for both.  So please follow the link below and help us out.

Help ‘Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas get a print form!

DWP hits the E-book market for Christmas

Draxis Web productions is proud to announce that our founder Kevin Coryell has posted his first solo E-Book.  For the small price of 1 dollar you too can read a twisted take on a timeless classic Christmas Poem.  Twas the Zombie Attack Before Christmas is written in the same style as Twas the Night Before Christmas but instead of a cheery telling of a visit by Saint Nick it tells the grumesome Zombie attack on the neighbor Nick that happens in the front yard the night before Christmas.  Here is an excerpt:

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house,
Not a creature dared stir
not even the mouse.

The tripwires were all hung
out by the fence with care,
In hopes the we could keep
all the zombies out there.

The children were nestled
all safe in their beds,
While visions of zombies eating entrails
danced in their heads.

Mama with her pistol
and I with a shotgun and cap,
Had just settled down
for a short catnap.

To buy the book simply visit this page~~~>

A free story in 66 words

Earlier this year I was published in a horror anthology called Twisted Tales in 66 words. Many people think this is very hard to do. Perhaps for some but I am actually quite liking the challenge. As a treat to you my readers here is a free 66 word story like what was found in Twisted Tales. I originally created this to be submitted for the next 66 word anthology but honestly I am not as happy with this one as I am with the other 5 I came up with, but I think it is still worthy of being read. I hope you all enjoy.

Medieval Warfare
by:Kevin Coryell

We’ve cut down a large tree and created wheels for it. Large round bales of hay have been covered in tar and stacked in the field. Beside them are large clay pots filled with sharp debris. Men clad in a hundred pounds of metal sit upon horses that stamp nervously at the ground. Archers ready their arrows, binding them in oily rags. Let the siege begin!

DraxisWeb breaks into print

So in many ways I see myself as DraxisWeb Productions and DraxisWeb is me. Basically put whatever successes are brought to the DWP table are my successes and whatever is a success of mine is a success for DWP.  So it brings me great joy to share a success for both myself and DWP by announcing that as of a few days ago a book was published and within it is a short story of my creation and at the bottom of the page it is on is a link back to this blog.  So if any of you wish to check this out here is the link to where you can get the book~~~~~>